ROULIK Bikes is a Green energy company based in Kerala, India. ROULIK Bikes were founded in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers. The team is passionate about bikes and innovation, with the goal of providing premium experience in transportation sector. We believe everyone should have access to wholesome quality product that makes their life easy and simple. The current world is looking for the need of alternative ways to curb solution to the existing problems such as environmental pollution, fuel price hikes and health issues. ROULIK is trying to solve these problems in a more systematic and innovative way.

ROULIK bikes had recently launched electric bicycles which comes under the category of Electric Mountain Bikes. The company is planning in the future to go one step ahead by entering into automobile, energy and beyond. Beginning with ROULIK bikes company is entering to a technology world, to revolutionize the future and simplifies the human lives.

The core value which our company always stands with is customer satisfaction and innovation, which we believe are the roots to the success of our company. We would like to see our self-branded as a customer driven company which delivers dream of mankind. Our experience and commitment to excellence in this section ensures that you will experience the best result from our superior products.